Today’s college admissions landscape is changing. Schools are looking for a more holistic view of their college applicants, and some are even going as far as to reject the traditional written essay or standardized test requirements. Instead, schools like Goucher College in Maryland have been experimenting with alternative application methods, such as the video essay, with the hope of finding a more authentic picture of college-bound students.

Students today have always known the internet and their comfort with technology and social media is unparalleled. Video submissions can make the college application process more accessible and help draw attention to students who may not have the strongest transcripts or test scores. Goucher’s use of the video application has broken down barriers and helped the school find new and hidden talent.

In addition, the competitive higher education market requires that institutions find students who are the right fit in order to be successful. Video applications can showcase a wide range of talents in a short time frame and offer more data points for schools to base a decision, which is important when you have two students who look the same on paper.

Listen to our recent episode of Upgraded by Hobsons for a deeper look into Goucher’s experience with video applications. 


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