The technology field offers opportunities to be creative, innovative, and imaginary. Latina Girls Code, a Chicago-based non-profit organization, is hoping to increase those opportunities to minority females in technology fields of work by introducing them to the skills needed to excel. Often an overlooked group with limited resources, minority females are barely represented in the technology industry. In 2016, fewer than five percent of employees were minorities at major technology companies, and that percentage is even smaller for female minorities.

Latina Girls Code is a six-week course teaching girls aged 7-17 valuable STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills critical to become successful in the male-dominated technology industry. Its mission is to spark interest, build confidence, and inspire more minority girls to become excited about STEM education.

Cindy Augustine, co-founder of Latina Girls Code, created the organization to help minority females become comfortable and excited about technology. “We can engage young girls in STEM and computer programming, but also engage the family and eventually lead the girls in the Latina population to be the producers, be the creators of the technology that will eventually change the world,” says Augustine.

To learn more about Latina Girls Code, listen to the podcast, Upgraded by Hobsons:


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