“Collective intelligence, by definition, is designed to aggregate and harness what is unique about everyone into a more powerful and diverse whole."

We’re thrilled to announce that world-renowned game designer and New York Times best-selling author Jane McGonigal is our keynote speaker for Hobsons University 2017.

McGonigal is today’s leading speaker on the engagement economy and the application of game-design to the real world. She is a specialist in this field, a designer of alternate reality games, where a real-life activity is re-framed as a game. She currently serves as the Director of Game Research & Development with the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California.

Her book, SuperBetter: A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient (debuted at #7 on the New York Times Advice bestsellers list), reveals a decade’s worth of scientific research into the ways all games change how we respond to stress, challenge, and pain. Her previous book, Reality Is Broken: How Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change The World, makes the case that the gamer spirit — an attitude of fun, dedicated, collective problem-solving — is our greatest asset as we face the social, economic, and environmental problems of the 21st century.

Hobsons U attendees can look forward to hearing from McGonigal give an inside view at human behavior and student thinking. She will focus on how to engage students through games and how this “can be used to increase our resilience and well-being,” and present on the future of students and how we can evolve to serve them in the right way.

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