As 2016 draws to a close, we launch today the final episode in Season 1 of Upgraded by Hobsons, our free podcast accessible through iTunes. We invite you to join more than 1.7 million listeners who are tuning in to Upgraded. All nine episodes of the first season are now live and the current episode is here:

Here’s a preview:

Meeting the First Lady: When Kat Pastor was named School Counselor of the Year 2016, she invited one of her students from Flagstaff High School in Arizona to join her at the White House.

Weird 101: What’s up with Rutgers University offering a course on Beyonce? Turns out, much can be learned when academics and pop culture collide.

Road Trip Nation: Are you doing what you thought you’d be doing as a kid? Did your job even exist 20 years ago? It’s not hard to empathize with students over the daunting task of choosing a career path. But one thing that might make it easier? A road trip!   

College Readiness: Here’s a story about high school students readying for college through AP courses, dual credit initiatives, etc. Their principals, teachers, and superintendents all believe they’re more than ready, but the formal measurement of college readiness tells another story. So who’s right? 

Radical Research: Have you heard of the beer goggles effect? It’s the theory that the more you drink, the more attractive you find other people. But hold on. Maybe we’ve got this all wrong. Listen to this academic research on how the “beer goggles effect” may in fact by the beer-holder’s effect.

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