College & Career Readiness


Too many students go through school without understanding how it will impact their future. As a result, in the US, 40% of students are disengaged by the time they reach high school. What if students could align their strengths and interests to long-term goals, and educators had insight into college and career plans to help students and families make informed decisions?

Naviance by Hobsons offers a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps students define postsecondary goals and develop individualized plans for reaching them.

Sherilyn Calhoun The personality and career assessments are invaluable as we work with students to discover areas of interest and set goals for the future. Sherilyn Calhoun
Incarnate Word Academy High School, Corpus Christi, TX

Match and Fit


Many institutions focus on getting as many prospects into their admission funnel as possible, then spend a lot of time and effort getting a small percentage of those prospects to matriculate. But if you could focus your attention on students who are a good match for you, and for whom your institution is a good fit, you’d enroll more students, more efficiently. 

Intersect™ by Hobsons helps raise the awareness of your institution with potential best-fit students, their families, and their school counselors, and enables you to connect with those students when they’re ready to hear your message.

Michael Brown

The Hobsons Counselor Community allows our university to have a conversation with one of the most important influencers in the college search: the high school counselor. Just like with a prospective student, having an ongoing dialogue about our university with the school counseling staff allows them to get a more complete picture about what we have to offer and more importantly, allows the high school counselors to form a clearer picture about which students at their school would be a good fit at our university. Finding a university that is a good fit for the student is what the college search is all about.

Michael Brown
Director of Admission, Heidelberg University, Ohio

Student Success & Advising


Higher education institutions are thinking strategically when it comes to improving student persistence, velocity and completion. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to know where to start or what kinds of programs and technologies can actually make a difference.

Starfish by Hobsons is an end-to-end enterprise student success and retention solution that supports students from onboarding to career exploration. Our award-winning technology combines best-in-class data integration, case management, alerts, predictive analytics and academic planning with strategic, sustained support and consulting.

Dr. Tiffany Mfume

Starfish has allowed us to take an even more dynamic and integrated approach to early intervention strategies, systematic tracking and monitoring, and academic coaching and mentoring in order to support our students. Starfish has really brought us together as a campus.

Dr. Tiffany Mfume
Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Retention, Morgan State University


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