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At a time when data is everywhere but insight is hard to come by, Hobsons’ aim is to provide universities with genuinely useful analysis that can keep both EMEA and individual institutions ahead in this increasingly competitive global recruitment market.


Beyond the data; Influencing international student decision making

With the sector focusing on the UK's place in the new world of international Higher Education, what can you be doing to make sure your institution gets and then stays ahead in this increasingly competitive global recruitment market?

This report contains insight into the international student decision making process, how they assess teaching quality, what matters most when comparing countries and institutions.

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Competing Globally?

The competition for international students is becoming increasingly complex.  There has been significant recent attention given to the threat of courses in non-English speaking countries.  This coupled with government initiatives in the UK, Canada and Australia perceived to either restrict or increase the flow of international students has put international student recruitment in the UK under the spotlight. After the completion of the most detailed research of it's kind, Hobsons have investigated how international students make their decisions when chosing to apply at university in the UK.

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The Deck is Stacked

While the need for colleges and universities to "do more with less" has never been greater, the demand for higher education has also increased. As a result, institutions must look for software and services that help them meet their constituent relationship goals in a cost-efficient and proven manner. This white paper highlights how your institution will benefit from evaluating the people, strategy, process, and technology needed for CRM success.

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CRM for Higher Education

See why CRM for higher education is not a "one size fits all" proposition. Learn how to put the right people, processes, and technology in place to support your CRM strategy.

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In this white paper, Ovum offers valuable insight into why the ability to personalize relationships with students will be a key differentiator for institutions today and in the future, and how utilizing a CRM solution’s multi-channel communications capabilities is critically important to achieving this effort successfully.



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