Hobsons and St. Bonaventure University launch engaging web tool

Hobsons joins forces with St. Bonaventure University (SBU) to deploy attention-grabbing website

November 23, 2011

Cincinnati, OH – Hobsons, the leader in recruitment, communication, and student success solutions for colleges and universities, joined forces with St. Bonaventure University (SBU) to deploy a website designed specifically for the prospective student audience segment.

Prospective students expect, and often prefer, online communication. Rather than drive prospective students to the SBU website, which is aimed at a range of psychographic groups, the university sought an attention-grabbing web portal to serve as a one-stop destination for this audience. The site incorporates a number of SBU-specific interactive components that put the admission-focused content front and center so that page visitors can easily access the most salient information.

Based on its expertise reaching this demographic, Hobsons advised SBU to use a multi-channel campaign to promote the site. In addition to a traditional postcard, SBU highlights the URL of the progressive site in its social media and other e-campaigns. Site visitors can opt to log in with their Facebook account, but it does not require them to “friend” or “like” the site. 

Dr. Emily Sinsabaugh, vice president for university relations added, “While the University’s Web site remains the most important source of information for prospective students and families, we wanted to create something that would feel friendlier to prospective students and entice them to interact and explore.  Becomingextraordinary.net has a personality to it—and it incorporates the user’s personality through the Facebook integration feature.  Hobson’s knocked it out of the park with this one.  We couldn’t be more pleased.”

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