Hobsons’ student planning and learning solutions enable teachers and counselors to develop personalized academic and career plans based on students’ goals, interests, abilities, and learning styles. By leveraging these powerful education software programs, students can set short- and long-term goals, create a plan to achieve them, and measure progress along the way.


Students exploring higher education options need to make meaningful connections with institutions to find the right fit. Radius is the first Student Lifecycle Management (SLM) solution that allows students to make more informed enrollment decisions by engaging directly with colleges and universities.

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Used by millions of students around the world, Naviance offers a suite of solutions that help schools and districts increase student engagement, academic performance, and college and career readiness.

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The Naviance Curriculum

A blended learning experience for middle and high school students that helps develop critical non-cognitive skills and college knowledge, and instills confidence so that they persevere.

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College Connections

In addition to helping students find colleges and universities based on the criteria that they value most, college connections provide a forum where they can gather valuable information about the college admissions process.

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