Naviance eDocs

Naviance eDocs allows high school counselors, registrars, and teachers to securely send student application forms, recommendations, transcripts, and secondary school profiles electronically to more than 2,000 participating colleges and universities – including every member of the Common Application.

The eDocs education solution helps schools save time and money while reducing the stress associated with meeting deadlines for delivering credentials throughout the college admissions process. With Naviance eDocs:

  • Counselors can prepare and submit school report forms and recommendations electronically
  • Registrars can send transcripts online – instantly and securely – while tracking the status of all materials
  • Teachers can prepare and send letters of recommendation electronically
  • Students can request letters of recommendation and transcripts

All users can monitor the process from end to end, ensuring that deadlines are met. To learn more about how Naviance helps schools manage the college application process, visit

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