K12 Training

Hobsons’ K-12 training team is dedicated to ensuring school and district administrative users, students, and families understand how to use our solutions to effectively achieve their objectives. Our courses are designed to increase adoption by training users to master the solution for daily tasks and workflow.

Course Format

We offer more than a dozen instructor-led courses that are either role or module based. Taught by certified training specialists, each course is two hours in duration and are lecture-based coupled with hands on demonstrations and activities. All attendees receive electronic course workbooks to be used during and after the session for reference.

Course Type

Our training specialists teach two types of courses – private and public.

Private Courses

Designed specifically for each school or district staff, private courses are recommended for clients who want training that is tailored to user knowledge, implementation needs, and intended usage of the solution. With private courses, all users are trained at once in a dedicated session so they can ramp up as quickly as possible.

Public Courses

Designed for general users, public courses are recommended for clients who want to train individuals incrementally over time as well as those who need to train employees who join the organization after implementation is complete. Since these sessions are taught on an ongoing basis, public courses are also preferred by clients who have trouble coordinating private session logistics for their employees.

Course Delivery

Clients can choose to have the training delivered through on-site and/or web-based courses.

On-site Courses

Delivered on location at a school or district building, on-site courses are taught in a classroom setting, often in a conference room or computer lab. By bringing the trainer and users together in one location, these sessions facilitate active collaboration among participants and allow you to more accurately gauge user comprehension and level of engagement.

Web-based Courses

Delivered remotely, web-based courses use WebEx technology and a phone line to reach users in one or more locations. By allowing for both individual and group participation, these sessions eliminate costs associated with having a training specialist and remote users travel to one location.

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