Every school and district aims to help students succeed, but few have insight into exactly why students underperform and fail to reach their full potential. Gallup research shows that student engagement is critical. Increasing student engagement by one percentage point is correlated with a six-percentage point increase in reading achievement and an eight-percentage point increase in math. What if we addressed engagement by focusing on students’ strengths and aspirations, and helping them connect their work in the classroom with their own personal goals? Naviance helps students to develop post-secondary goals aligned to their strengths and interests, create a plan to get there, and ultimately take ownership over their education.

With Naviance, students, families, and counselors can develop comprehensive roadmaps for student success that allow schools to create individualized student course plans, facilitate the college application process, communicate with students and families, and track and report the outcomes of their entire student population.

Students are already thinking about their own path. Naviance gives students resources to help answer these questions, and help counselors and other staff support students along the way.

Who Am I?

Students identify areas of strength and their unique interests

What Do I Want to Be?

Students will then see how they can apply their strengths towards goals today and in careers

How Will I Get There?

Once students identify career options, they will determine the steps to enter those career fields

Will I Be Successful?

Students will see what key qualifications and skills are needed to reach their goals

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