November 12, 2012

Timed to perfection: 5 Helpful Hints to Prevent Unnecessary Communications Hiccups

Nov. 12, 2012 at 10:13 AM | By Donna Brewer | Comment Count

Timing can make or break any communications or marketing campaign. Waking your users up in the middle of the night with a badly timed email or text message, or mixing up your holidays can potentially get you into hot water. Follow these 5 helpful hints to prevent unnecessary hiccups and ensure your outbound communications stay ahead of the game.
International Student Recruitment

  1. Time Zones – Before scheduling your broadcasts, consider the region or country you’re targeting and customize distribution accordingly.
  2. Short Message Service (SMS) – SMS, or text messaging, is an instant form of communication. But, if you’re not conscious of the timing or mobile device of the user, you may provide a poor experience. Thus, negatively impacting your open and click through rates, and the overall success of your campaign. *Bonus: Integrate social into text messages by creating campaign-specific hashtags for social sharing on Twitter.
  3. Seasonal – Although it is winter at your university, it won’t be halfway across the globe. For international communications, it’s best to avoid referencing seasons and seasonal holidays unless you are preparing incoming students for what to expect while attending your institution.
  4. Consistency – If you send a regular communication on the 1st of every month, commit. Your broadcast should go out on the first of every month come rain or shine, as your audience will expect it. Consistency not only helps to establish relationships with prospects but also keeps your university or college fresh in their minds come application season.
  5. Web analytics, is your market engaged? Report, report, report! Always generate reports to measure the success of your efforts. Common metrics include open and bounce rates, responses received, traffic generated to a landing page, etc.. Reports will identify commonalities and patterns that will inform future campaign processes.

Have you experienced hiccups with communications to domestic and international prospective students? Tell your story.

Photo by John Christian Fjellestad licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

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